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Dr. Pimple Popper Teaches Us How to Pop

When Dr. Pimple Popper stopped by the Dr. Oz show back in January, she shared the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to popping pimples.

Even though Dr. Sandra Lee stresses the importance of NOT popping your pimples, she understands that sometimes the nagging desire to get it out of there is simply too strong. 


When you do find that popping is your only option, it is essential to follow the right protocol.

Understanding Pimples

Pimples are a frustration that everyone experiences whether you are a teenage boy or a woman in her fifties.

Acne is caused by chronic inflammation of the hair follicles. When dirt and bacteria get in, acne develops, and you are left dealing with the hardship of trying not to pick at your skin.

Pimples are the body’s way of trying to rid itself of the pus and bacteria that is trapped beneath the skin. Sometimes, it is not a bad idea to help the body along. 


Acne has many causes, and, unfortunately, not all of them are in your control. Three of the most common reasons to develop acne are hormone fluctuation, genetics, and diet.

While you can monitor your diet, there’s not much you can do about hormones and genetics. 

Cleansers and acne treatments are one way to attempt prevention, but they are not always effective in stopping every blemish from forming.

A pop might be the only answer when a pimple still develops after taking all the preventative steps.

Pimple Popping the Right Way

The most important thing to remember when popping a pimple is patience and preparation.

You cannot simply pop a pimple when you are sitting at your desk or stopped at a street light. If you try to pop a pimple too early—before the whitehead forms—you can cause further bleeding, infection, and scarring.

Once the whitehead forms, the pimple is close to the surface and much easier to get rid of. 

Here are Dr. Lee’s official pimple-popping steps:

  1. To start, you should always wear gloves when popping a pimple. If this isn’t possible, you must instead wash your hands. You risk agitating the pimple even more by introducing bacteria from your hands.
  2. Clean the skin surrounding the pimple. Sterilizing the area will help ensure that no additional bacteria gets into the open pores. Often, popping your pimples is easier and safer if it is done right after a shower when the pores are open, and the skin is the softest. 
  3. Pressure must be applied evenly around the pimple. This is true whether you are using Dr. Pimple Popper’s Comedone Extractor or your fingers.
  4. Clean up after the pop. Once the pus (or blackhead) is out, clean the area with alcohol or an acne spot treatment, such as the BP Spot Treatment. It is always wise to put a band-aid over the spot so you can mentally and physically leave it alone.

Ready for More?

If you cannot get enough of Dr. Pimple Popper, check out her book Put Your Best Face Forward, available online and at most major retailers, and watch new episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper every Thursday at 9:00 pm on TLC.

You can catch up on all episodes now on Hulu!


Dr. Sandra Lee is a board-certified dermatologist. For more information regarding how Dr. Lee can help you, please contact our office by calling 909.981.8929 or by filling out our online contact form

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