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Acne Treatment

Stubborn acne can be the result of numerous issues. Hormones, genetics, stress, medications, diet, and hygiene all play a role in the type and severity of your acne. When at-home treatments fail you time and time again, you may feel that there is no hope for curing your chronic acne.

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At Skin Physicians & Surgeons, we offer a wide variety of acne solutions with customized treatment plans to find the best solution for you.
Choosing an acne treatment

Choosing an Acne Treatment

That's Right For You

Acne affects both teens and adults. However, the cause of acne can often be vastly different depending on your age and genetics. We customize each plan to suit your individual needs. Various treatment options are available to target specific causes and types of acne.


is designed to target bacteria and clogged pores by treating the surface of your skin.


works from the inside by targeting bacteria and hormonal causes of your acne breakouts.


treat the surface of your skin to remove dead skin cells and treat or prevent clogged pores.


work within your pores and in the dermis layer of your skin to treat and prevent acne flare-ups.

How Effective are Treatments

How Effective Are Treatments?

Chemical peels and laser treatments may require multiple treatment sessions to yield your desired results. Most patients see noticeable improvement after four to six treatments. Oral and topical medication are very effective, but require time to work. Most patients see results within 1-2 months of starting an acne regiment. . However, patients who consistently and properly use their acne routine can attain clear skin with long-lasting results.

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Minimal Recovery

Topical and oral medications require little to no recovery time. They may be slower acting, but most patients don’t need to interrupt their daily lives to accommodate treatments. Chemical peels and laser treatments may result in a minimal recovery period. The benefits of these treatments include:

  • Little pain
  • Minimal redness that subsides after a few hours
  • Patients can wear mineral makeup immediately
  • Patients can go to work next day

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Acne

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