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Blood Vessel Removal

Dilated blood vessels on the face are similar to spider veins on the legs but usually are treated in an entirely different fashion. These small facial vessels respond nicely to laser or electrosurgery. The Vbeam Perfecta laser is considered to be the gold standard for the treatment of vascular conditions such as broken capillaries, diffuse redness, dilated facial veins, rosacea and angiomas. After treatment, there is usually redness for 24 hours. Women can wear makeup the day after and appear in public without problems.Treatments with the Vbeam Perfecta laser generally have little downtime, allowing patients to resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the office.

What precautions should I take before or after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure before and throughout treatments; SPF 30 or higher sunblock should be worn daily during this time. Post treatment care varies depending on condition and should be discussed with your practitioner. 

Are the treatments painful?

Most patients report a sensation similar to mild sunburn after the treatment. During the treatment, skin receives additional protection through the patented Dynamic Cooling Device, which delivers a cooling burst of cryogen before the laser pulse is delivered. The DCD increases comfort during treatment and minimizes side effects such as redness. 

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