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BOTOX® Cosmetic

What are these products?

Over time, repeated muscle contractions often leave permanent lines or wrinkles in the skin. These formulas are all made from botulinum toxin type A and work as neurotoxins to inhibit the movement of the targeted muscles. Once BOTOX® is injected into the muscle, it blocks the nerve impulses that would cause the muscle to contract. This allows the muscle to relax and wrinkles and lines to soften, providing a more youthful appearance.

The Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic

  • Non-surgical
  • Fast treatment (approximately 10 minutes)
  • No downtime
  • Natural-looking results
  • Increased confidence

Potential Treatment Areas

Frown Lines (Glabellar Lines)

  • Deep vertical furrows between the brows that create a permanently angry or sad appearance
  • Relaxes the forehead muscles, allowing for a more approachable, pleasant appearance

Forehead Lines

  • Horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Relaxes the forehead muscles, allowing for the skin on the forehead to become smooth and youthful

Crow's Feet

  • Fine lines at the outer corners of the eyes
  • Relaxes the muscles that cause the lines, reducing crow’s feet especially when you’re not smiling

Bands on the Neck

  • The platysma muscle bands become stretched and create vertical cords that protrude through the skin and hang on the neck
  • Relaxes the platysma muscle to make it less prominent and lift the neck

Drooping Corners of the Mouth

  • Corners of the mouth that hang down in a permanent frown
  • Impairs the muscles that pull the mouth corners down, allowing for a more pleasant and happy appearance

Chin Dimples

  • Indentations in the chin caused by aging
  • Relaxes the muscles that pull the tissues on the chin into dimples, providing a more smooth, youthful chin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there anything I need to do in preparation for treatment?

    It is important to be honest with your doctor about your medical history, allergies, and medications or supplements you are taking. Patients should stop taking medication, supplements, and herbs that thin the blood for at least a week before undergoing any injectable treatment.

  • Are there any activities that I should refrain from after treatment?

    You can immediately return to your daily activities after treatment. However, you should avoid the following for at least the first 24 hours: strenuous physical activity, consuming large amounts of alcohol, rubbing or massaging the treated area, and taking blood thinning medications.

  • How long do the results of these treatments last?

    The results of BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, and XEOMIN® generally last between three to four months. Most patients return for repeat treatments to maintain ideal results.

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