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What’s in your closet?

One of our sample closets

What’s in your closet? Your sample closet that is? In Dermatology we seem to get a lot of medication samples. Samples enable you to try the medication prior to filling a prescription. While we have many brand name medications samples in our office this does not mean that we only write brand name prescriptions. We write many generic prescriptions when appropriate. There are many things to think about when writing a prescription:

  • Is the medication going to help the patient’s condition?
  • Is the patient going to use the medication? (if you have to take a pill 5 times per day are you really going to take it?)
  • Can the patient afford the medication?
  • Does the patient have any medication allergies?

Some offices or large hospitals have actually banned drug samples to avoid influencing treatment. What do you think about drug samples? Are the beneficial for the patient or do you think they lead to increased medications costs?

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