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Laser that hair away… at home?

Do at home lasers really work? Watch the following video to find out.

 [wpvideo LFViMXah]

Laser Hair Removal Diary

Laser hair removal is a procedure that causes thermal injury to the targeted hair follicle, causing the unwanted hair to fall out, while avoiding damage to the normal surrounding tissue. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal HERE.  While some cosmetic procedures provide instant results laser hair removal requires a little time and patience. To see maximum results it typically requires 5-7 sessions spaced a few weeks apart. After each treatment you will start to see less and less hair. Follow our patient’s journey to smooth underarms. We will be updating her progress every few weeks. Below you can see her improvement after just one treatment.

Check out video below to watch Laser Hair Removal in action

[wpvideo lcYKSddV]

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