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911 Pimple Emergency?

We’ve all been there; the day before a big event and you wake up with a huge pimple on your face in the worse place possible. You do all of the emergency pimple tips you read about in Cosmo: gently squeezing it, warm compresses, cold compresses, toothpaste, tea tree oil, lemon juice, even preparation H. Then what are you left with? A maybe slightly smaller pimple that red and scabby and doesn’t cover well with concealer. Uggh! There has to be something better out there right? A treatment that can be much more effective for that emergency pimple is a cortisone injection. A cortisone injection can quickly reduce inflammation and hasten healing usually within a few hours.

What are the side effects? Rarely, the injection can leave a small depression around the area where the cortisone was injected. This is usually temporary and will resolve over the next few months. Because of this we recommend that you reserve this type of injections for larger cystic acne.

Are you thinking, “Yes, I need one of these ASAP!” Well, you need to call your dermatologist or medical provider and make an appointment for the injection. Unfortunately this is not an at-home treatment. If you have a big event coming up let the receptionist know that. Cortisone injections are quickly preformed and squeezing a patient in is usually no problem.

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