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Dr. Pimple Popper Publishes New Book: Put Your Best Face Forward


Board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee, aka “Dr. Pimple Popper,” has become an international social media and television sensation with a following of over 6.8 million subscribers since 2014. Her pimple, blackhead, cyst, and lipoma extraction videos on Instagram and YouTube have captivated over 2 billion views, and her fan base of “Popaholics” continues to grow daily. After years of cultivating her unique brand and showing viewers how to care for their skin, Dr. Lee developed her own line of skincare products SLMD Skincare. Dr. Lee is also the star of the hit TLC program “Dr. Pimple Popper.” She has dedicated her flourishing medical career to delivering fantastic results and educating her patients and fans around the world about healthy ways to look and feel their best.

Sharing Skincare Essentials

In December 2018, Dr. Lee published Put Your Best Face Forward, which provides an enlightening look at proper skincare for readers of all ages. This book allows her to share her passion for skincare; giving patients a detailed guide to developing a skincare routine that works for them. Put Your Best Face Forward offers practical and professional information about how to keep your skin looking its best, regardless of your skin type, including tutorials, quizzes, and prevention tips tailored to each reader’s personalized skincare needs.

Put Your Best Face Forward Is Available Today!

Patients, Popaholics, and anyone interested in dermatology can get their hands on Put Your Best Face Forward through the following stores in the formats listed below:

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