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Sculptra™ Aesthetic

As we age, not only do we see the effects of gravity, causing droopiness in our skin, but we also lose fat, or fullness, particularly in our face and hands. This may lead to sunken cheeks, hollowed-out eyes, and increased visibility of veins in the hands. Sculptra™ Aesthetic is called a “volumizer”, because it can successfully return volume to areas that are now lacking.

When Sculptra™ Aesthetic is injected into the skin, it fills in or adds volume to the skin and creates a more natural facial appearance for those who have lost fat beneath the skin. Sculptra™ Aesthetic is an alternative to fat injections, when a surgeon removes fat from one area of the body and injects it into another. Patients with severe facial fat loss may require 3-6 sessions spaced 5 weeks apart. The effects of Sculptra™ Aesthetic may last 2-4 years. However, the results are not immediate but gradual and depend on your own collagen to gradually thicken and add fullness to the area treated. The Sculptra™ Aesthetic procedure is performed as a simple office procedure taking approximately 30 minutes. You are swollen in the area treated for 1-3 days, but can cover any minor bruising with make-up and are certainly still able to return to work.

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