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Tickle Lipo: Lose Fat With a Laugh

Tickle Lipo, also known as “Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (NIL),” is an innovative, FDA-approved procedure that removes fat and sculpts your body into more slender contours. Liposuction uses a cannula (thin hollow tube) to remove unwanted fat from the body, and Tickle Lipo employs infrasonic technology to vibrate and rotate the cannula with three-dimensional movement. This movement inhibits the receptors in your brain from receiving pain signals, which makes the procedure completely pain free. In fact, many patients report that it feels like they’re being tickled during the procedure.

Compared to traditional liposuction, Tickle Lipo has the following benefits: 

  • Can treat any area of the bodyLaughing brunette girl in a tank top with a sky background and palm tree behind her
  • Uses local anesthesia (safer than general anesthesia)
  • Increased patient comfort
  • More effective for fibrous areas
  • Uniform skin tightening
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Shorter recovery
  • Faster results

Increased Safety and Efficiency

Tickle Lipo safely removes fat without damaging the surrounding tissues because the cannula automatically stops when non-fatty tissue is touched. This preserves the fibrous and other non-fatty tissues, which allows for a safer procedure with improved results. All types of fat can be removed, and the body can be sculpted with precision.

If you are interested in laughing your fat away with Tickle Lipo, please call (909) 981-8929 or fill out our online contact form. Here at Skin Physicians & Surgeons, we are dedicated to providing our patients with safe and effective procedures that will achieve their desired results.


Gorgeous Skin at Any Age

Part 2: 40s and Beyond

A beautiful woman's face with white lines creating a grid on her cheek, on a white backgroundThere’s no doubt that your skincare regimen has a profound effect on how your skin ages. In your 20s and 30s, combating the many harmful elements that contribute to aging will help keep your skin youthful and vibrant, and there are specific products and treatments that are ideal for repairing and maintaining skin health later in life.

You may have seen our previous blog on the essential skincare tips to follow in your 20s and 30s, and here are ways to achieve and maintain gorgeous skin in your 40s and beyond.

In Your 40s: Brighten and Repair

Brighten With Antioxidants

As you get older, your skin’s cell turnover process and oil production slow down, which can lead to skin that is rough and dull. Antioxidants, such as vitamins and green tea polyphenols, help lighten dark spots and soothe the skin to make it brighter with a more even skin tone.

In addition to using our C Emollient Gel to stimulate collagen and even out your skin tone, washing your face with our C Emollient Cleanser first will help brighten and smooth the skin without stripping its natural oils and drying it out.

Repair With TNS Recovery Complex

If you didn’t notice them in your 30s, you will almost definitely see fine lines and wrinkles on your face in your 40s. Skin Medica’s TNS Recovery Complex provides your skin with growth factors, antioxidants, proteins, and collagen to rejuvenate all aspects of your skin, including discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, and skin firmness.

In Your 50s and Beyond: Reverse Damage and Lift

Reverse Damage With Laser Treatment

People in their 50s and even those in their 30s and 40s may benefit from reversing skin damage with the Mixto Fractional CO2 Laser. This procedure tightens the skin to improve wrinkles, acne scars, and pores while lightening dark spots.

Lift With Cosmetic Surgery

After a certain age, the skin may be stretched out, and the damage done to it cannot be adequately repaired with lasers or products. For those who want significant improvement to the appearance of their eyes, eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is available. This procedure eliminates drooping upper eyelids and bags beneath the eyes to restore an alert, rejuvenated appearance.

If you would like more information on how to have youthful, radiant skin at any age, please call us at (909) 981-8929 or fill out our online contact form. Our online skin care product store offers many rejuvenating formulas, and one of our board-certified dermatologists can help determine the best treatment or products for your individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you look and feel more beautiful in your own skin!

What Is a Physician Assistant?

In honor of National PA week I thought I’d take a moment to explain exactly what a PA is and does.

A physician assistant is a licensed and highly skilled health care professional, trained to provide patient evaluation, education, and health care services. A PA works with a physician to provide medical care and guidance to patients. A PA must attend a specialized medical training program associated with a medical school, which includes classroom studies and clinical experience. I personally have a bachelors degree in biology and also received my masters degree in physician assistant studies from the University of Southern California. I have been formally trained in dermatology by Dr. Rebish and Dr. Lee. Each PA must be supervised by a physician, and the supervising physician must always be available to the PA should the need arise.

A PA performs many diagnostic, preventative, and health maintenance services. As a physician assistant in dermatology, here are some services I provide:

  • Perform full body exams for skin cancer screening
  • Diagnose skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, rashes, etc.
  • Instruct and counsel patients on their medical conditions
  • Perform laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, VBeam laser for blood vessel removal, and sun spot removal with the MiXto laser
  • Perform minor surgical procedures
  • Write prescriptions
  • Act as first or second assistant during surgery
  • Perform cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane injections.

Frequently Asked Questions about Physician Assistants:

1. Are you a doctor? No, I am what is referred to as a mid-level practitioner, similar to a nurse practitioner. I am able to see patients, write prescriptions, and order tests.

2. Will you become a doctor? No, I have completed my formal training and passed national certification boards for physician assistants. I am not an intern or studying to be a doctor.

4. Are you a nurse or medical assistant? No, I have a bachelors degree in biology and have completed post-graduate training in a physician assistant program. I am board certified as a physician assistant.

5. What is the difference between a physician and a physician assistant?
The main difference between a physician and physician assistant is the amount of time spent in training. Physicians spend more time in school and also have to go through internships and residencies. Physicians can practice independently while PAs work with physicians and are ultimately under the physician’s supervision.

6. Do I have to see the PA? No. It is completely your choice on which provider you would like to see. 

7. What does PA-C mean? It means physician assistant-certified. It means the person has graduated from an accredited program and has passed testing by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA).

8. Can you prescribe medications? Yes. I am able to recommend medications and write prescriptions.

9. How long have PAs been around? Since the 1960s physician assistants have helped expand the delivery of quality medical care.

erin small head shot

I absolutely love my job and could not imagine doing anything else.

I love being to work as a team with the physicians and other PA in our office to provide the best possible care for all of our patients.

Erin Jensen PA-C


If you are interested in any procedure or would like more information, feel free to schedule a consultation with our physicians or physician assistant by calling (909) 981-8929 or filling out our online contact form.

Join Us at The Envy Party!

On Thursday, October 10th, 2013, Skin Physicians & Surgeons will be hosting our annual patient appreciation event: The Envy Party! It will be held from 4pm until 7pm at our office, located at 859 E. Foothill Boulevard in Upland. Come join us for an evening of food, entertainment, treats, and discounts as we show our gratitude to our patients and the community.

Gift basket with green polka dot ribbon filled with skincare products With all of the awesome gifts and offers, you won’t want to miss out on this spectacular event! In addition to a free skincare goody bag, our guests will be able to partake in the variety of FREE services provided by our outdoor vendors. From relaxing massages to sunkissed spray tans and beautiful eyelash extensions, our guests will leave looking and feeling amazing. Come enjoy frozen drinks from the Margarita Man and delicious In-N-Out food as you listen to our DJ’s amazing beats, and don’t forget to take a picture in our photo booth! We will also be having a raffle, which includes prizes like Botox® Cosmetic and injectable filler treatments, skincare and makeup products, a Latisse Eyelash Lengthening kit, a Vitalize Peel, discounts on liposuction and other procedures, gift baskets, and much more! And the festivities don’t end there…

If you’re tired of looking tired and want to reverse the signs of aging, October 10th is the time to learn about treatment options and take advantage of all our amazing offers. Our doctors, physician assistant, and esthetician will be performing cosmetic demonstrations and explaining more about the details of each product. The rooms inside our office building will be featuring information on different treatments so our guests can gain all of the knowledge necessary to decide the right option for their needs. We are having more specials than ever before at this year’s event, with discounts up to double what we offered in previous years. To LIKE us on Facebook and check out all of our beauty specials, click here.

Two happy middle-aged women in front of a white "Skin Physicians & Surgeons" backdrop

Don’t make your friends envy you, bring them along! It’s definitely true that more is merrier because our patients who bring a non-patient friend receive a $50 gift card just for RSVPing and signing in with them. Patients can bring up to 2 friends and earn up to $100 in gift cards! You and your friends are sure to have a fabulous time at The Envy Party as we celebrate YOU, our amazing patients.

To be eligible for these great deals and gifts, an RSVP is a MUST. Please visit or call our office at (909) 981-8929 to let us know you’re coming. Even if you can’t make it to the event on October 10th, feel free to stop by our office during the week of October 7th through 11th to take advantage of all these fantastic discounts. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet Alexa…

Meet Alexa
Six year old Alexa was suddenly afflicted with a life-threatening condition called dermatomyositis, which causes distinctive skin rashes and acute muscle weakness. She got so weak that she was unable to walk. There is no cure for this disease, but presently it is under control with medications. This brave little girl is our guest of honor at our annual patient appreciation event, The Envy Party, September 27th 2012. We hope you have a chance to meet her that night.

Purchase a $20 ticket for an opportunity to spin our prize wheel and a chance to win $1000 towards a procedure here at Skin Physicians and Surgeons. 100% of proceeds will go to support Alexa’s medical costs. You can purchase an opportunity to spin the prize wheel at The Envy Party or just stop by our office any time to spin the wheel before the event.

Register for The Envy Party here:

Eligible procedures include: Treatment with Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Belotero. Sclerotherapy, MixTo CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Tickle Lipo, Laser Hair Removal, VBeam laser treatment, Medical dermatology: Mole removal, skin cancer treatment, acne treatment. Not eligible on esthetician services or cosmeceuticals (including but not limited to Latisse, Triluma, Retin-A, ect…)

The Doctor’s Show: Most Recent Episodes

Check out my most recent episodes on The Doctor’s Show. Learn more about removing a “fanny pack” with Tickle Lipo, treating age spots, treating an aggressive form of acne and The Scar Treatment Trifecta.

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How to get rid of your “Turkey Waddle” just in time for Thanksgiving

See how you can get rid of your “Turkey Waddle” with a simple in office procedure.

[wpvideo FY7fb0L9]

A Cure for Cankles

Do you know what “cankles” are?  If not, you probably don’t have them, but if you do, you are probably pretty conscious of them, and try to hide them most of the time.  “Cankles” is a term to describe a person who has thick ankles… in other words, their calf, which is usually the widest part of the leg below the knee, doesn’t taper down towards the ankles, so the lower legs are thicker, resembling tree trunks.  I know, that’s a terrible, but very accurate description of this condition.  Many may not know that cankles can be minimized pretty simply using liposuction under local anesthesia alone!
Watch Carmen talk about her cankles on Studio11LA on Fox 11 and see how I use liposuction to help eliminate them!

Today in the office: Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy involves the near painless injections of a detergent or irritant, that causes small spider veins to collapse and no longer fill with blood.The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to swell and stick together, and the blood to clot. Over time, the vessel turns into scar tissue that fades from view. In the video below you can appreciate how the blood vessel blanches away when injected.

Learn more about Sclerotherapy HERE

Parking Lot Consult

On Friday the office kicked off the holiday weekend by enjoying some Starbucks Frappuccinos and Cake Pops (if you haven’t figured this out yet our office really likes food, especially sweets). After a busy afternoon Dr. Lee and I happened to leave at the same time at around 5pm. Her car pulls ahead of me when I see her notice a patient at the front door. She hops out of the car and after a brief conversation the patient scans the empty parking lot making sure she doesn’t have spectators. She then pulls her blouse aside showing Dr. Lee something on her neck. I smile and wave as I pass Dr. Lee’s parking lot skin consultation. I’m not sure exactly what came of this encounter but I’m sure the patient was thankful that she did not have to wait through the long holiday weekend to get some help.

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