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Acne Laser Treatment

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Choosing Acne Laser

The Tri-Beam™ acne laser treats active acne by safely penetrating the skin to target overactive sebaceous glands, which also helps reduce the risk of new acne forming. Additionally, acne laser treatment corrects redness and can help minimize the appearance of scarring.

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How Acne Laser Works

The Tri-Beam™ acne laser uses precisely controlled Nd: YAG laser light to penetrate the skin. The light energy selectively destroys overactive sebaceous glands and kills bacteria in the pores using heat. It also stimulates collagen production to accelerate the healing process and minimize scarring.

Treatable Areas for Acne Laser

Patient Photo Face
Patient Photo Neck
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Same-Day Recovery

  1. 1.Mineral makeup can be worn immediately after treatment
  2. 2.Minimal redness subsides after a few hours
  3. 3.Patients can resume regular activities the same day

How Effective is the Treatment?

Multiple treatment sessions will provide the best acne improvement. A series of four to six treatments spread out over a period of two to four months generally yields the highest-quality results. Some patients notice a change in their skin immediately, while others may see reduced acne and redness after a few treatments.

Laser Your Acne Away!

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