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Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Tickle Lipo™ Difference

Tickle Lipo™ ResultsIf diet and exercise have failed to yield the body contouring results you desire, it may be time to consider liposuction. However, many women and men aren’t quick to choose liposuction because of some of the less than desirable side effects that accompany the procedure. Dr. Lee believes that there is a procedure for everyone and that every patient should be able to achieve the body of his or her dreams. Tickle Lipo™ is the ideal treatment for patients looking to eliminate fat without the negative side effects of traditional liposuction.

What Is Tickle Lipo™?

Tickle Lipo™ is an FDA-approved fat removal procedure that is designed to sculpt the body with less surgery and recovery time than traditional liposuction. A vibrating cannula is able to move through stubborn fibrous tissue to break up the fat for easier removal. The vibration of the cannula blocks pain for a more comfortable procedure.

Benefits of Tickle Lipo™

Tickle Lipo™ uses only local anesthesia, so you don’t require the longer recovery period that is often associated with traditional liposuction performed using general anesthesia. Patients with busy and active lifestyles prefer Tickle Lipo™ because:

  • There is little bruising and swelling
  • There is no need for narcotic pain medication that may impede their ability to function normally
  • They can resume normal activities almost immediately
  • They can return to work the next day

The Tickle Lipo™ Difference

Many people avoid undergoing surgical procedures because they wish to avoid pain and don’t want to be put under general anesthesia. The advanced technology system of Tickle Lipo™ uses a vibrating sensation to prevent the brain from feeling pain or discomfort. This process requires less pain medication to be used throughout the procedure and your recovery.


Additionally, the built-in safety features prevent the system from damaging any surrounding tissue. The Tickle Lipo™ system is so gentle that it is the preferred treatment for sensitive areas such as the neck.

If you are looking to sculpt a new body by eliminating stubborn deposits of fat, schedule your Tickle Lipo™ consultation with Dr. Sandra Lee today. Call our office at 909-981-8929 or contact us online.

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