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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Excessive sweating is the pits

Check out treatments for excessive sweating including prescription antiperspirants, botox and even shock therapy!

[wpvideo WbdRfwx7]

How to get rid of your “Turkey Waddle” just in time for Thanksgiving

See how you can get rid of your “Turkey Waddle” with a simple in office procedure.

[wpvideo FY7fb0L9]

Sports Day

How do you keep things interesting at your workplace? We decided to add a little excitement into our Monday by having a “represent your favorite sports team day”. We already do a fair amount of trash talking after the weekend so we thought it was only appropriate.

is that a Raiders fan hiding back there?

How to keep the kids happy

We see a lot of kids at our office with conditions ranging from rashes to warts to moles and much more. We try to make our patients as comfortable as possible however there are many occasions when a child may require a painful procedure during their visit. Many offices have treats for their patients after they have been seen to make their office visit a little more enjoyable. While we have a drawer full of the most common treats and stickers, we thought it would be fun to step up our gift giving skills with balloon animals. Our medical assistants have become expert balloon animal creators lately. Take a look at some of our creations.


Bunny and Butterfly

and if you’re really lucky…


Laser that hair away… at home?

Do at home lasers really work? Watch the following video to find out.

 [wpvideo LFViMXah]

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