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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Dermatology Perks

I think our office staff would agree that working in Dermatology has some great perks. When we receive new cosmetic products or samples we often have some of the office staff try them to get their thoughts and opinions. Today some of our staff were treated with Dysport. Below is a short video showing Alicia, our medical assistant, receiving her treatment.

[wpvideo eVOaDcpI]

Lip injections ruin model’s career

Aspiring model, Priscilla Caputo, became depressed and suicidal after excessive lip injections ruined her looks. Mail Online reports that the aspiring model, from California did not realize what she was doing to her looks until she was a parody of her former self.

“It’s like when some fat people look in the mirror and they don’t see a fat person. I’d look in the mirror and see somebody who needed a little more help,said Priscilla.

Priscilla has since stopped any lip procedures and is slowly regaining her original lip proportion.

This over-exaggerated look is what scares many patients away from augmenting their lips with products such as Restylane or Juvederm. This women would have needed A LOT of product to see these results. A reasonable amount of product can be used to give a patient a little more fullness or a more youthful appearance. Knowing when to stop is important. Talk to your medical provider if you need help determining when enough is enough.

Colorescience Pro Sun Protection Winner

We are very sorry this giveaway winner announcement is late. The winner of the Colorescience giveaway is:


We will be contacting you soon.

Keep an eye out for more giveaways to come.

Heidi Montag replaces plastic surgery obsession with extreme exercise

Reality star, Heidi Montag, made headlines after admitting that she had 10 procedures done in a marathon plastic surgery in 2009. Now she has traded her hankering for plastic surgery for an extreme exercise regiment. She tells US Weekly Magazine that she worked-out about 14 hours a day for the past 2 months in order to get ready for her pool party appearance. “I’ve been working out from, like, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two months now. I’ve been working out really hard because I had this pool party and I was like, I have to be in shape”

Heidi says that she lost 27 lbs after hitting a top weight of 130 lbs after taking a year off from the gym to recover from her surgeries. “My breasts, because they’re so big, really needed some time,” she explained. “So I’m just starting to work out again after my surgery. Sometimes I get shooting pains, but I hear that’s normal.”

Do you think an exercise obsession is healthier than a plastic surgery obsession? Or just as bad?

Colorescience Pro Sun Protection Giveaway

Happy Monday Everyone! Let’s kick of this week with a great giveaway. Today’s giveaway is for a Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sun Protection SPF 30, your choice of color. You will hear us talk about reapplying sunscreen to get the best sun protection but as women it is tough to reapply sunscreen later in the day after you have make-up on. A great option for reapplication is the Colorescience Powder Sun Protection. You can put it on right over your make-up any time of the day.

Description from Colorescience website: Sunforgettable SPF 50 is a lightweight mineral powder with a barely there feel that provides a safe, non-irritating, instant UVA and UVB sun protection. The self-dispensing powder brush makes this sheer formula easy to apply and reapply throughout the day. This giveaway is a $50 value.

To enter giveaway just leave a comment telling us you are going to do this summer to stay sun safe.

Giveaway ends Thursday, June 23rd at midnight PST. Winner is chosen randomly and will be announced Friday, June 24st. Good Luck!

“We’re not worthy” Basing your self-worth on facebook?

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new study that shows women who post a lot of pictures on Facebook are more likely to base their self-worth on appearance. The study, published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, looked at typical behaviors of participants on Facebook. The study showed that women who had larger networks and posted the most pictures of themselves were more vested in their appearance. Those people who spent less time on social media tended to base their self-worth on family love and support, academics, and being a moral person.

What do you think? Social media has become such a huge part of our society. Can you have the balance of being highly involved in social media but not putting as much self-worth on appearance?

Also, check out another study Effects of Exposure on Facebook to Self-Esteem

Practice Sun Saftey

Check out this video promoting sun saftey…
[brightcove vid=892185884001&exp3=4221701001&surl=,AAAAAPudaAk~,C-Umm5CE0IIQZWtT_4JYMsA0o_1ajxaq&w=486&h=412]

Dear 16-year-old Me

A great video about those who have been personally touched by Melanoma. Created by The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund. The video speaks for itself.

Melanoma Drug Breakthrough

Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and worldwide. The incidence of melanoma in people under 30 is increasing faster than any other demographic group, soaring by 50% in young women since 1980. By regular skin cancer screenings Melanoma can be detected in its early stages and successfully removed. However, in later stages Melanoma can be deadly and until recently few treatment options were available. The New York Times reports that two new drugs have shown new promise to prolong lives of those with advanced melanoma. While it is not a cure for metastatic melanoma it may add several months to the expected lifespans of patients.

Trials recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine provide evidence that vemurafenib and ipilimumab improve survival rates of advanced melanoma patients by one attacking a specific genetic mutation and the other by unleashing the body’s immune system to fight the disease respectively. The manufactures of the two new drugs are planning trials to use the agents together and see if the combination will improve patient outcomes further.

Buff and Shine away the lines

Have you heard about our latest lunchtime procedure? Patients are loving our Buff and Shine rejuvenation procedure. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have beautiful glowing skin. I have developed a simple 2-step facial skin rejuvenation treatment that can be done in minutes, with no downtime. It combines exfoliative technique of micro-blading and the new technology of the MiXto Fractional CO2 Laser to reveal smoother, healthier and more youthful skin.

I begin by performing ‘micro-blading’, in which I use a blade to exfoliate the skin and to remove the tiny ‘vellus’ hairs which are present on everyone’s face. As the blade is drawn across the skin, the tiny hairs, or “peach fuzz” collect together like a fine cotton ball. Many patients are often surprised to see how many of these tiny hairs are present on the face.

Removing the vellus hair prepares the face for step 2 of the Lunchtime Buff & Shine; a light treatment with the MiXto micro-fractional CO2 laser at a very low setting, which has little discomfort and little or no downtime. This will greatly improve the texture and tone of the skin and will also trigger collagen formation over time.

I recommend a series of about 5 treatments for most people, with each session taking about 15 minutes and spaced a few weeks apart. It’s a great way to do beauty maintenance for your face. My goal is to restore and rejuvenate the face while retaining the person’s natural look, all with minimal or no downtime. Check out the video below to see a Buff and Shine in action.

[wpvideo w5w61cIF]

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