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The Envy Event

It’s time for our annual patient appreciation event:

The Envy Party and The Week of Beauty!

Our Envy Party is sold out, but don’t worry! You can take advantage of our special pricing all week (Oct 10th-17th). Simply stop by the office or call to purchase any of our cosmetic specials. You can purchase these specials all week and the best thing is you have several months to use them. This is our ONLY sale during the year. Don’t miss out on these amazing prices.

Botox and Dysport 

$175 for 24 U of Botox Cosmetic (save $125)
$175 for 60 U of Dysport (save $125)*

*24 units of Botox = 60 units of Dysport
*treats one area. i.e.-forehead/frown lines OR crows feet. If you want to treat full face then purchase 2-3 botox/dysport specials

Regular Filler (under eyes, around mouth, lips)

$450 for ONE syringe Juvederm Ultra/Juvederm Ultra Plus (save $100)
$450 for ONE syringe Restylane/Restylane Lyft/Restylane Silk (save $100)
(a) $850 for TWO syringes *Juvederm Ultra/Juvederm Ultra Plus (save $250)
(a) $850 for TWO syringes Restylane /Restylane Lyft/Restylane Silk (save $250)

Volumizing Filler (to cheeks)

$700 for ONE syringe of Voluma (save $200)
$600 for One syringe of Radiuses (save $100)
(a) $1300 for TWO syringes of Voluma (save $500)

Kybella- treating double chin without surgery 
(a) $1000 for TWO vials of Kybella (save $400)

Specials with Physician Assistants/Nurse Practioner
$250 for 1 Sclerotherapy (leg vein) treatments (save $100)
$600 for 3 Micropen treatments (save $300)
$500 for one PRP Micropen facial (Vampire facial)(save $300)
$600 for 3 Vbeam treatments for redness (save $300)
$1000 for 5 Tribeam Laser Acne treatments (save $250)
$1000 for 5 Tribeam Laser skin toning treatments (save $250)
$1000 for one Light CO2 Mixto treatment (save $500)

Esthetician Treatments
$300 for 3 Dermaplaning (save $150)
$350 for 3 Vitalize Facial Peels (save $175)
$200 for 3 Acne Clearing Facials (save $100)

Call our office to purchase!
(909) 981-8929

We had been working hard on making these specials available for purchase online this year. After considering many factors we ultimately decided not to have an online shop this year. Our patient’s privacy is our number one concern and we were not comfortable with the level of security our site could provide. We are SO sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. (We love laying in bed and shopping too!) Because of any inconvenience we are extending our sale an extra day. You will be able to take advantage of these amazing deals through Monday, October 17th.
I understand that treatment with Botox & Dysport must be complete by 1/31/17, treatment with Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Belotero, Kybella and ALL other Cosmetic and Esthetician Treatments must be complete by 2/28/17. For any treatments not completed by the above dates, the remaining purchase price of these treatments will be converted to a credit toward future products or procedures at SkinPhysicians at the non-discounted price. Those items marked (a) above, are treatments in which the products must be used completely during one office visit.  Purchases are transferrable but cannot be shared between two (or more) people. Specials cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Care credit can be redeemed all week for purchases in our office, EXCEPT during the hours of the Envy Event, due to time constraints.

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